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Title: PAINTING VALENCIA. Walk, discover, imagine and draw Valencia.
Author of the text: Mayte Aparisi
Author of the illustrations: Andrew Pinder
ISBN: 978-84-96976-81-8
Pages: 48 pages.
Price: 8,90 Euros. VAT included
Edition: 1 Edition. Marchr 2015

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If you want to know where there are lynx footprints, colourful dragons, submarines in the middle of the road, magic squares, cows and bulls in the air, and prawns that aren’t prawns then... this is the book for you. Painting Barcelona is a book addressed to children between 6 and 12 years old, so they go for a walk, discover and know this city through the drawing of its corners, the most emblematic ones and some others that are hidden. A city that they will not see with the same eyes, after going through this Painting. An entertaining and didactic book to share with the family and to enjoy drawing, playing, imagining and learning.


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